9 Oct 2020

TEQnation 2020



TEQnation is the software development conference designed for teamleads, architects and project management. But most of all it’s organized for developers by developers. The Developer Conference of Tomorrow: TEQnation 2020 brings more than 50 speakers, various exhibitors, live demonstrations and numerous networking opportunities.

There are major technological trends disrupting the IT business and that’s what we’re focussing on at TEQnation. You can expect the following topics:

– Computers taking control with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning;

– The world getting more and more connected with IoT & Embedded;

– The ever-changing Developer Experience;

– Maintaining a Modern Infrastructure ;

  • Protecting against ever changing threats with Security;

– And anything else that’s New and Cool.

Show your passion with like-minded people, improve your skills and have fun in an easy-going atmosphere at TEQnation 2020.

We highly recommend incorporating live-coding and/or Open Source software into your session.

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15 May 2019

The Biggest multitrack Developer Conference of the Netherlands.