Past event
14 Mar 2019

The Big Hangout


Building digital experience with Angular. Get connected to Angular talent at the Big Hangout on March 14, 2019.

Frontend development spans everywhere from design and UX, through business logic to core infrastructure for security, performance and agile development of complex applications.

Angular touches each part of this ecosystem. At this Angular Finland Big Hangout, you will find top international speakers, tech talks, the business perspective and a full program of inspiring sessions with the Angular Finland community.

Videos from the conference (7):

Stanimira Vlaeva: Frictionless breaking changes migration with ng update & Schematics
Akseli Virtanen - Thinking in web components
Sani Yusuf: Let's Get Your Angular App to React
Nadia Törnroos - Digital Accessibility as a Mindset
Salar Kaboli - Achieving performance in heavy applications with Angular & WebAssembly
Sam Julien - Finding the right path from AngularJS to Angular