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11–12 Jun 2019

LeadDev London 2019


Two days of inspiration for technical leaders.

As a tech lead you have to be a great developer. But you also need to be a good team leader, be commercially astute, and stay on top of all the tech developments and trends coming over the horizon. With a balance of content across team, tools and tech, The Lead Developer conference is designed with the complexities of the job in mind.

Join the community of tech leads, engineering managers and CTOs for two days of inspiring talks, networking opportunities and so much more!

The conference for tech leads – 11 & 12 June, 2019.

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Lead Dev London 2021
8–9 Jun 2021
  London London 

Videos from the conference (29):

Navigating team friction | Lara Hogan | #LeadDevLondon
Engage teams to achieve high performance | José Caldeira | #LeadDevLondon
What on earth does it mean to build AI software? | Ronald Ashri | #LeadDevLondon
The power of positive transformation | Heidi Waterhouse | #LeadDevLondon
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Hiring diverse teams with an anonymous recruitment process | Bethan Vincent | #LeadDevLondon