Past event
30 Apr 2019

Lead Dev New York 2019


The Lead Developer is a series of conferences and meetups designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. We programme each conference around our three key themes of Team, Tech & Tools. The talks are designed to help very practically with common problems in these areas.

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Videos from the conference (15):

Welcome from our Premier Sponsor, CodementorX - Weiting Liu | #LeadDevNewYork
How to detangle and understand production - Liz Fong-Jones | #LeadDevNewYork
Communicating and documenting architectural decisions - David Ayers | #LeadDevNewYork
The future of cross-platform is Native - Justin Mancinelli | #LeadDevNewYork
Managing the burnout burndown - Anjuan Simmons and Dr Aneika Simmons | #LeadDevNewYork
Being right is only half the battle - Rod Begbie | #LeadDevNewYork