Past event
30 Apr 2019

Lead Dev New York 2019


The Lead Developer is a series of conferences and meetups designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. We programme each conference around our three key themes of Team, Tech & Tools. The talks are designed to help very practically with common problems in these areas.

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Past event
Lead Dev London 2021
8–9 Jun 2021
  London London 

Videos from the conference (15):

Creating a career ladder for engineers - Marco Rogers | #LeadDevNewYork
Designing software that maximizes developer productivity - Kirsten Westeinde | #LeadDevNewYork
Scaling yourself during hypergrowth - Julia Grace | #LeadDevNewYork
Principles for managing product quality - Kwame Thomison | #LeadDevNewYork
Crucial career conversations: a framework in practice - Adrienne Lowe | #LeadDevNewYork
Remote-first teams work better - Nassim Kammah | #LeadDevNewYork