The OpenPOWER Summit North America, the OpenPOWER ecosystems prime event in the region, brings hardware and software developers, OpenPOWER Member companies, researchers and academics across the ecosystem to share learnings, highlight innovation and discuss the future of OpenPOWER. Architects, developers, executives, and end users will join together to:

  • Hear: Hear from industry and ecosystem leaders and visionaries on the future of OpenPOWER
  • Attend: Attend deep technical sessions on topics that are here today, tomorrow and on the horizon
  • Learn: Learn from the use cases of your peers as the use of OpenPOWER technologies becomes ever more pervasive in everything from ML/AI/DL to Databases, Desktops to HPC, FPGA/GPU acceleration to OpenCAPI

Videos from the conference (50):

OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: ExpEther - Providing IO Distributed System
OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: Linux on POWER Driver Porting, Optimization, and Test
OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: PowerAI Vision & Other Solutions on an AI Box
OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: IBM’s Next Generation POWER Processor and Memory Roadmap
OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: The Open Domain-Specific Architecture
OpenPOWER Summit NA 2019: Counting the Stars