Past event
9–13 Dec 2019

The She Engineers Summit 2019


The She Engineers Summit is a 5-day, virtual event during which 25 female engineers and entrepreneurs are going to share their insights and expertise with you!

The speakers featured in the She Engineers summit are engineers themselves, as well as professionals who teach and coach on topics ranging from unconscious bias to public speaking to salary negotiation to the challenges of being a female leader, in a world where masculine leadership is still the norm. You'll get inspiration, encouragement, and a heavy dose of pragmatic, actionable advice you can use right now.

Female engineers who've been there and done that will share their knowledge and advice so YOU can have the success you want.

And the best part? The premier of these exclusive interviews is accessible to anyone with an internet connection! This is an online-only conference, which means no travel, no approval forms to complete, and no feeling like if you attend, you'll have a week's worth of work to catch up on when you get back!