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Our annual conference will take place 12 & 13 December in Rotterdam. European’s most involved conference on the state of responsible technology for system with physical impact — the place where the pioneers of responsible & ethical tech come together to shape the future. If your work involved designing connected products, or if you are involved in creating the frameworks we use to think about them (through policy, media, or academia), you don’t want to miss this all new edition.

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In this edition we will more than ever focus on reviewing what has happened this year and how to shape the (near) future for the better. We want to reflect and use the insights in shaping preferable futures. Not only by talking, especially by doing. By making and/or designing the images of the future. Mixing experts in the field, facilitators and you. With experience or relatively new to the field, we connect those who care about the impact of technology. We started this quest for a more responsible IoT five years ago and hope to formulate a roadmap together with you.

Learn the latest technologies, systems, design techniques and visions on IoT and beyond. Be part of the leading discourse.

We especially like to make the connection with all interested in responsible technology. We provide a program with different routes to choose how to be involved. Our promise that you leave with new inspiration to act in your practice.

Even more than last years we like to use our first day to shape together the future narratives. We will define themes, and invite people to actively shape the schedule within these themes by hosting their own sessions. At the end of the day we collect the future scenarios and take them into day 2.

Day two will be about contextualising the futures with sessions and keynotes that connect the proposed futures to practice of makers, designers, academia and policy.

Expect an active mix of inspiration, activity, connection and more!

ThingsCon is a global initiative to explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for IoT and beyond. Join us in shaping the next iteration.

Videos from the conference (16):

ThingsCon 2019 aftermovie
ThingsCon 2019 Rotterdam - Davide Gomba - Casa Jasmina; house of the future
ThingsCon 2019 Rotterdam - Marleen Stikker - Fix the Internet
ThingsCon 2019 Rotterdam - Wouter Reeskamp - 13 years of connecting things
ThingsCon 2019 Rotterdam - Heather Wiltse - Alternative (design) things
ThingsCon 2019 Rotterdam - Tijmen Schep - IoT Case: Candle