Past event
11 Oct 2019

TSConf 2019


The only web development conference dedicated to all things TypeScript. Join us for a day discussing best practices, advanced features, and insights from key members of the TypeScript Team.

The only thing better than TSConf 2018 is - that’s right - TSConf 2019! We’re passionate about TypeScript and TSConf strives to be THE community experience where we come together to learn, share, and have a good time.

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Videos from the conference (10):

TypeScript at the Cutting Edge - Rob Hague
TalkScript with the TypeScript Team
Just Use Any - How to Win Colleagues and Influence Your Boss - Lauren Tan
MakeCode Arcade with Static TypeScript - Tom Ball & Holly Mitchell
Testing Types: An Introduction to dtslint - Dan Vanderkam
Deno is a New Way to JavaScript - Ryan Dahl & Kitson Kelly