Past event
23 Jun 2022

Tulula Community meetup


It's time for another tulula meetup! šŸæ

šŸ– We are getting together to learn, laugh, share, have fun, and talk about tech communities. It's online, it's free, it's a safe and inclusive space - come join us!

This month we are talking to Prithvi Raj about building an Open Source Community From Scratch!

Lori Lorusso @JFrog and Ramya Parimi @ForgeRock will be joining us for a fireside chat to talk about all things OSS community building.

šŸ†Our key speaker:
Prithvi Raj has been leading the community efforts for LitmusChaos, the CNCF incubating project based on Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering, and has helped scale a community of 1500+ folks from scratch.
He is part of the Harness team, the primary sponsor of the LitmusChaos project.
He has worked on global events, conferences, and meetups such as Chaos Carnival, Kubernetes Community Days Bengaluru & Chennai, CNCF Kubernetes Chaos Engineering Meetups, and more to help grow various communities in the DevOps ecosystem.
Other than this Prithvi loves listening to Indie pop music and is an ardent fan of Liverpool FC. Watching cricket and wrestling are also his leisure activities. He loves collecting currencies as a hobby!

The last 3 years have seen the Open Source Chaos Engineering community take shape and grow exponentially. As one of the first Chaos Engineering projects in CNCF, LitmusChaos has seen its share of ups and downs with one key hurdle- building the community around tooling which 'break' systems has a lot of challenges.

In this session, we will explore the hurdles and challenges in building an open source community from scratch alongside the growth story of the LitmusChaos engineering community around the Kubernetes ecosystem. Further we will dive into mitigating these challenges , and present the learnings on how the discipline was advocated and eventually gained widespread acceptance by highlighting how the community has responded to LitmusChaos as an Open Source tool. We will also discuss the benefits of building open source communities and how the increasingly wide cross-section of user personas have ended up creating an enriching feedback loop for these communities to thrive.

29 attendees