Unlimited Agility: A New Idea

Unlimited Agility (UA) is a new online community focused on those with a passion for Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship. We collaborate on the abstract concepts most people shy away from, through values and principles of proven systems such as Lean, Agile, Human-Centered Design, Growth Mindset, and Systems Thinking to name a few. We try to tackle the hard things and make them more understandable to those seeking to understand. These concepts are most clearly demonstrated through the more visible activities and practices people tend to focus on, but UA focuses on the WHAT and the WHY and tells the story through the HOW.

How UACon Works

The Unlimited Agility Conference (UACon) series is designed to be unique and different, with the next UACon 2022 Spring scheduled for Thursday, October 6, 2022. Each UACon expands on how Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship is exposed through a specific theme by passionate people who are learning what it means to be a servant leader.

The UACon format is different from any other conference we are aware of. Once a speaker and topic have been agreed to, the speaker can use any format and as much creativity as they can muster to record a <=25-minute video using a modified TED Talk format. The final version of the video must be available 10 days prior to the conference date for testing. That gives each speaker a week should they need/want to re-record anything. For more details on our unique approach see our LinkedIn article.

On the day of the conference, everyone sticks to the same schedule. We are currently a single-track one-day conference. While everyone will be watching the recording of the same session at the same time, the speaker is simultaneously available in a LIVE Chat session answering attendee questions about their presentation in real-time and providing additional commentary, as this gives the speaker the opportunity to experience their session from their audiences' point of view. There are numerous advantages to this approach which we are pioneering for both the audience and the speaker. The recordings and LIVE Chat log are then archived in the UA library for reference by community members.

The format of a UACon is different by design, and we have demonstrated it has multiple very unique benefits for all involved.

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How Your Topic Fits In

Each session of the Spring UACon will include the following:

  • The central theme of the community is Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship.
  • The Spring 2022 theme is Self-Evaluation.
  • The third component is the specific topic of each speaker, presented in their own custom style.
    It's the intersection of the speaker's topic, with the theme, that can help expose the nuances we often miss around Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship in that specific context.

How Sessions Are Selected

  • Connection - How well does the primary topic of the session intersect with the Theme (Self-Evaluation) and the Unlimited Agility Mission (Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship)?
  • Originality - The sky's the limit. Use your creativity to share your content.
  • Details - Create a Session Title that is interesting. Provide us an abstract that is intriguing. Persuade us that you have something novel and valuable to share.

We review all submissions with the goal of providing the most interesting conference possible.

##Please include your email address in your submission.

You Can Get Involved Today

We appreciate your interest in speaking at UACon. But you don't have to wait until the next conference to participate in the community. Feel free to join using the free membership available to everyone at https://members.unlimitedagility.com and get engaged now. Consider this your personal invitation to help create a successful community that models Servant Leadership/Craftsmanship in exciting new ways.

You can also join the UACon Speakers Email list at https://conference-registration.unlimitedagility.com/join-uacon-speakers-mail-list to stay up to date with what's going on for speakers at UACon.

##Please include your email address in your submission.