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The ultimate conference for software developers and architects.

This is an exciting time of innovation and change in the Java space. Java is not just a language. Java is a technology platform. This is your opportunity to go beyond the basics and master critical skills.

Software is a difficult industry with high rates of failure. To create winning teams, we embrace principles laid out by the Agile Manifesto. Speakers at ÜberConf emphasize and present on topics such as: Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Code Quality Measurements, Code Smells, Team Building, and Customer Collaboration.

ÜberConf will bring together many of the industry's best project leaders, developers, authors, and trainers.

UberConf is July 17 - 20, 2018 in Denver, CO. This event, hosted by No Fluff Just Stuff, is for alpha geek Java platform developers! There are no intro sessions here.

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ÜberConf 2020
14–17 Jul 2020