Past event
18–19 May 2020

UIKonf 2020


UIKonf is Berlin’s independent [remote] conference for serious iOS developers. Livestreaming from May 18th to 19th, it is a great place to meet and connect with experienced developers from all over the world.

UIKonf features inspiring speakers giving talks on cutting edge topics in iOS development, mobile design and business.

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Videos from the conference (19):

UIKonf 2020 - Sophie & Paul Hudson - Who can say they have learned Swift?
UIKonf 2020 - Dal Rupnik - Building a mobile-based startup business
UIKonf 2020 - Veronica Ray - Prepping For a SwiftUI Future
UIKonf 2020 - Marin Todorov - Fixing your Combine code with the Timelane Instrument
UIKonf 2020 - Andrey Volodin - Explain Metal like I’m 5
UIKonf 2020 - Leo Dion - The Multi-Threaded Asynchronous Parallel World of Swift