3–4 Nov 2022

UK Cyber Week



3rd & 4th November '22 - Live event

Digital Presentations:

31st October '22 to 2nd November '22


Live event is at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, UK

What is it about:

Cyber Security
We believe there a a knowledge gap between the cyber security specialists and front line business leaders and IT Departments. We want to close that gap
Day 1 is for business leaders and IT departments - Day 2 becomes more technical and is for more advanced understanding right up to cyber security specialists, hackers and researchers.


The event is free to attend and will host up to 3,000 people from business, IT and cyber job roles

Room Sizes:

Rooms vary from 40 to 300 seats

Complexity of Seminar Sessions:

We have a unique rating system from Level 1 (no cyber knowledge) up to Level 6 (Hacker/ Researcher) please see our rating system and rate accordingly