Actively supported by the R Foundation, the useR! is an annual, international conference of leading statisticians and data scientists from around the world.

In recent years, it has been held in Toulouse, France; Brisbane, Australia; Brussels, Belgium; and Stanford, California. The conference is the main annual meeting of the R community.

📝 Agenda

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Videos from the conference:

useR! 2020: Welcome and R core event
useR! 2020: Peer-Reviewing R Code: Where We've Been and Where We're Going at rOpenSci (Noam Ross)
useR! 2020: Keynote - Speaking R (Amelia McNamara)
useR! 2020: Keynote - Computational Reproducibility, from Theory to Practice (Anna Krystalli)
useR! 2020: Keynote - Responsible Automation: Towards Interpretable & Fair AutoML (Erin LeDell)
useR! 2020: Keynote + Farewell - Talk with your model! (Przemysław Biecek)