Past event
1 Nov 2019

UX Brighton


Why Design? Why now? Join us for our 9th annual one-day conference.

While the industry concentrates on research as the foundation for user experience, design chugs along in the background, not getting the attention it deserves. On many projects design just happens, but it should fit hand in glove with research: design should answer the challenges that research identifies.

At this year's conference, we want to focus on the craft of design: on expanding our understanding and the skills we need to build fluid and rewarding experiences. We want to stimulate discussion and enrich design knowledge, elevating the importance of design in the UX process. We want to help widen the understanding of design, so that everyone who builds UX outcomes can speak the same language.

You'll find UXers of all levels – from those just starting out to senior managers – all looking to embrace the latest thinking. So join us: our goal is that everyone who attends will leave with a heightened awareness of design.

Videos from the conference (8):

Joining the dots – Martyn Reding at UX Brighton 2019
Designing with AI – Emily Sappington at UX Brighton 2019
The value of Design Thinking for product teams – Carmen Brion at UX Brighton 2019
Principles of Voice Design – Ben Sauer at UX Brighton 2019
Vision vs Iteration – Brendan Kearns at UX Brighton 2019
Good design is a team effort – Nat Buckley at UX Brighton 2019