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18–19 Mar 2019

UX Copenhagen 2019


UX Copenhagen is Denmark’s most inspirational, two day conference about User Experience, content, strategy, research, and design networking event. We always feature hands-on workshops, startup companies, speakers and participants who are taking UX to a new level.

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UX Copenhagen 2021
25–26 Mar 2021
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UX Copenhagen 2020
30–31 Mar 2020

But what is influence in UX? This is the subject we have given our speakers for 2020: “Influence & Designing for Good”. We can’t wait to see where this takes us! We already know that some of the subjects you will be hearing about are privilege, tech for social good, Ethical OS, domestic violence, and maybe even rocket science! Our speakers and participants are a fantastic mixture of international and local UX experts, marketing professionals, digital managers, designers, innovators, strategists, researchers, and others interested in the field.

The conference is run by Helle Martens’ tiny indie business team, and fueled by a strong passion for the field of UX and design.We promise you two days filled with superb content, inspiration, networking, new knowledge, and new insights.

Videos from the conference (9):

UX Copenhagen Day 2
Quinn Keast • UX Copenhagen 2019 "Why and How to Create Your Personal Code of Ethics"
Gry Hasselbalch • UX Copenhagen 2019 “What is Data Ethics”
Nicole A Cooke • UX Copenhagen 2019 “The Dark Side of Information Behavior”
Jack Morgan • UX Copenhagen 2019
Kathleen Asjes and Mikaela Saletti • UX Copenhagen 2019