Past event
18 Jan 2020

UXCamp DC 2020


What is UXCamp DC?

Ten years and counting... UXCamp DC is an unconference for people who love in design. It is an intense day of with 24 45-minute sessions and workshops presented by thinkers and doers from all levels of design experience from beginners to seasoned practitioners. It is a day of gathering for people who are passionate about creating great experiences for people.

Why UXCamp DC?

Since 2010, UXCamp DC put forth the goal to build and support a community of UX designers. Our unconference gives people a platform to share ideas freely, to build confidence, and make career-changing connections. People discuss topics that are important to them, not ones that picked by conference organizers. They work through challenges together through 45-minute attendee-led workshops. Imagine yourself in a supportive place with design lovers like you.

Location District Architecture Center // Washington, DC