Past event
25 Sep 2019

VoIP On The Beach! 2019


“VoIP On The Beach!” is a 1-day event attached to JanusCon, where VoIP-specific topics will be discussed, with an informal and relaxed format.

The idea is to foster active participation among all the attendees, rather than have the usual “I’m talking – you’re listening” approach. The morning will be devoted to a few short presentations meant to address a specific issue, rather than a specific existing project: the focus will be on topics that are relevant and important to the VoIP community, including integration of VoIP and WebRTC, API design, opportunities and problems in Cloud solutions, Security, HA, Metric, unsolved issues and so on, with emphasis on open source. In the afternoon, a few of the discussed topic will be selected in a cooperative way, in order to dig deeper and as interactively as possible: this may include whiteboard sessions, surveys to be taken through the discussion, and so on and so forth (and maybe prizes to keep everyone’s interest peeking! :-) ).

We want to understand what can we do as a community to make our lives easier while keep pushing innovation and open source. Submit your presentation today, and also tell us what else you’d like to discuss with the other RTC experts. Accepted speakers will be granted free admission to the JanusCon event, including all its perks!