Past event
4–8 Nov 2019

W-JAX 2019


The conference for Java, architecture and software innovation.

SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE: W-JAX is a conference for cutting edge Java- and Web Development, Software Architecture and innovative Infrastructures. Renowned experts share their professional experiences in Sessions and Power Workshops.

ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGIES: W-JAX is especially focusing on JAVA Core- and Enterprise Technologies, Spring Ecosystem, JavaScript, Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

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Videos from the conference (37):

Mit welchem Framework soll ich meine Single-Page-App bauen? | N. Hartmann & O. Zeigermann
Wie führt man DDD erfolgreich in Unternehmen ein? | W-JAX 2019 Panel
7 Tipps für eine verständliche Git-Historie | Roland Weisleder
The 20 Year Platform – bringing together Kubernetes, 12-Factor and Functions | Jason McGee
Was lange währt … Javas neuer HttpClient | Thilo Frotscher
Neues in Java | Arno Haase