Past event

The French event for web performance enthusiasts.

Created in 2018 by and for the webperf community, the "We Love Speed" not-for-profit conference is born from the desire to share as widely as possible knowledge and experience about webperf. Web professionals, e-commerce and webperf experts, this event is for you!

Decision makers, developers… let’s meet for a day, and maybe a few evenings, in one of the most beautiful cities in France, to discuss web performance: its challenges, its implementation, its stakeholders but also the organization of the companies that implement it.

Videos from the conference (16):

Estelle Weyl – UX vs DX – WLS 2019
Nicolas Hoffmann – Diminuer le poids d’une interface d’un client mail via CSS / SVG – WLS 2019
Antoine Kahn-Dubois – Chérie, j’ai rétréci mes bundles JS – WLS 2019
Mathilde Lassort, Quentin Mathieu – Dans quoi s’embarque-t-on… ? – WLS 2019
Raphaël Dardeau – Progressive Web App et performance – WLS 2019
Antonio Gomes Rodrigues – REX: 4 ans de surveillance synthétique chez SeLoger – WLS 2019