4–25 Jun 2021

Web Directions Global Scope 2021


Most widely-used programming languages have conferences specifically dedicated to the language. CPPCon for C++, PyCon for Python, GopherCon for Go, Dart Summit, and many others.

There are many conferences that feature aspects of JavaScript: some are commercial, some community, but there are none whose primary focus is the language itself.

GlobalScope aims to focus specifically on JavaScript the language.

Who's it for?

From front end and node developers, to library and framework developers, Global Scope is for anyone who works with JavaScript.

How is Global Scope held?

Global Scope takes place over 4 consecutive Fridays in June 2021. It will run for 3 and a half hours each session (with a bit of downtime built-in). Plus will run it 3 times so wherever you are in the world, you can participate along with your peers, from the comfort of your own home (or maybe office).

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