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22–25 Sep 2020

Wild West Hackin' Fest - WWHF Deadwood 2020


The Internet of Things is still such a new part of the information security industry, we want to further explore its strengths, weaknesses and have fun doing it! Education is the main goal with any conference, and this one is no different. When we share knowledge, we become stronger, and we all benefit. We are bringing in some of the best and brightest from the infosec industry for talks and training.

September 22nd & 23rd – Two-Day Training

September 23rd (afternoon) thru 25th – Conference

More info to come!

Audience: IT, information security, cyber security, hackers​

Projected attendance: ​Last year (inaugural year) we ended up with over 500 attendees. For 2019, we are planning on 600-700 attendees.

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Past event