Past event
31 Aug 2019

Women Who Code Connect Asia


CONNECT Asia 2019 is Women Who Code's premier technical conference in Asia and will include the industry's most influential leaders, engineers, and more.

The conference will be held on August 31st 2019 in Singapore.

We are changing the face of tech, creating a more inclusive and diverse industry, and helping women connect with professional opportunities that propel them into positions of power. WWCode CONNECT Asia 2019 does just that.

WWCode CONNECT Asia 2019 brings together speakers from around the world to share their stories and expertise about technology. Join the Women Who Code community for in-depth panels, technical workshops, keynotes, and actionable advice on advancing your career. Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Videos from the conference (28):

Creating art with CSS - Chen Hui Jing
To pair or not to pair? - Fangda Wang
Scaling Software Development: Teams & Codebase - Tutti Quintella
Private video
Best Practices for Creating Reproducible Analytics Within Teams Using R - Li Li Chia
On Launching a Distributed System Globally - Kat Liu