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XConf is a one-day showcase of the latest thinking from ThoughtWorks' tech community and provides a platform for passionate technologists who are looking for inspiration and a chance to network with peers. Our goal is to create a community of technologists; learning and sharing the latest technology ideas in an ever changing world.

Our theme for this year’s event is Cloud Native Engineering for Data Intensive Applications. It reflects the convergence of several trends we’ve seen evolve over recent years. Today’s applications are driven by increasing volumes of data and must run securely in the cloud. We’ve shifted to a cloud-first world and are now seeing intense competition between public cloud vendors to provide the best developer experience. But hosting these data-intensive applications in the cloud also raises concerns about privacy and the ethical treatment of customer data.

We’d like to encourage a free and open exchange of ideas around these and other related topics.

Videos from the conference (7):

XConf AU 2019 Highlights
Doing Infrastructure as Code? You Can Do Better - Shohre Mansouri and Effy Elden
Experiments in Teaching a Machine to Code - Karen Davis
Designing an Asynchronous Microservices Runtime with Kafka
Someone Far Away, Who You Don’t Even Know, Will Die - Tom Sulston and Josh Kinal
Core Decisions in Event-Driven Architecture - Duana Stanley