Past event
24 Sep 2019

DevOps Yalla 2019


UPDATE: This year’s Yalla! DeveOps event will be IN PERSON! Join us on July 8th, 2021 in Tel Aviv. See what makes this year’s event special. Save your seat >


Come learn from DevOps Peers & Thought Leaders!

For the growing DevOps community in Israel, Yalla DevOps is the must-go event where developers, engineers, and business leaders from top companies, industries and start-ups network and share best practices for software delivery success. Technical breakout sessions offer hands-on solutions to real-world problems of wrangling complex software, while keynote speakers inspire bold new ways to consider DevOps, Security, and Distribution. Learn from the failures and triumphs of your peers, we prepare you for the next round of innovation.

Come to speak at Yalla! DevOps! We are interested in all kinds of talks – conceptual or how-to, technology-oriented or thought leadership, with or without hands-on code and demos, single speaker, multi-speaker and panels, everything goes! As long as it’s interesting, engaging and DevOps related, bring it on!

Videos from the conference (27):

Yalla DevOps - Feel the vibe!
Ohad Granica - Multi-Cloud and Microservices Zoo: Manage dozens of services on multi-cloud
Tanya Gordon - How Atlassian software supports HP on its LPPD journey
Elad Hirsch - CI/CD In The Age Of Cloud-Native
Tim Pouyer - Promoting Kubernetes CI/CD to the Next Level
Alon Weiss - How to apply Machine Learning into your CI/CD Pipeline