Past event
6–7 May 2019

YOW! Data 2019


YOW! Data is a technical conference for data professionals which provides the opportunity to share challenges, best practices, experience, techniques and tools.

The conference brings together leading industry practitioners and applied researchers working on data-driven technology and applications, providing in-depth coverage of current and emerging technologies in the areas of Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. Network, meet the experts and hone your skills all in one event.

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Past event
YOW! Data 2020 Online
30 Jun – 2 Jul 2020

Videos from the conference (40):

YOW! Data 2019 - Mel Flanagan - Transparent Government: The Stories we can Tell with Data
YOW! Data 2019 - Itzik Feldman - Scaling Analytics as your Company Grows
YOW! Data 2019 - Jessica Flanagan - Working with Large Numbers of Non-Trivial ETL Pipelines
YOW! Data 2019 - Juliet Hougland - How to Experiment Quickly
YOW! Data 2019 - Justin Hamman + Jack Low - Building a Scalable Data Science Pipeline at REA
YOW! Data 2019 - Kale Temple - Modern Time-Series Methods