3–4 Dec 2020

YOW! Melbourne 2020


At YOW! Melbourne, leading software industry experts from all over the world, handpicked by our program committee, come together for two days to provide amazing networking and learning opportunities. Their talks are designed to bring you the latest practices as well as future directions in software development and delivery. Meet your favourite authors and bloggers. Sign up for a workshop for an intense learning experience. Network with people who truly care about delivering great software.

YOW! Speakers are chosen based on their expertise; they provide excellent, technically rich content, appropriate to all roles in software and IT, completely independent of commercial concerns such as sponsorship or product. This means no commercials, ever, just lots of case studies and stories from the trenches.

Serious software professionals and IT leaders from all across the organisation will benefit from attending. Whether you’re a developer, architect, product owner, team lead, coach, or manager, don’t miss this learning opportunity. Our speakers have a wealth of experience they’re eager to share with you.

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