Meeting C++ series

Meeting C++ is a platform for C++, founded and organized by Jens Weller since 2012.

The main goal is to make C++ content and related topics easier to access. For this Meeting C++ has build a large network on social media to promote C++ content and help people with in the C++ Community to connect. An important part of Meeting C++ is the work with local User Groups for C++, as I believe that local meetups are a great way to connect the community. Meeting C++ also creates it own C++ content, read the Blog or take a look at the YouTube Channel. You also can support the work of Meeting C++ for the C++ Community via Patreon.

The Meeting C++ conference is a yearly gathering of the C++ Community in Berlin, it hosts 600 Attendees from all over the world, with a strong focus on the european C++ community.

Past event
Meeting C++ 2020
12–14 Nov 2020
Past event
Meeting C++ 2019
14–16 Nov 2019
  Berlin Berlin 
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