c't <webdev> 2021
8 Feb 2021
  Köln Köln 

The c't editors and heise events cordially invite you to the c't web dev . The conference brings professional developers together beyond the boundaries of individual programming languages ​​and frameworks and gives them the opportunity to exchange ideas about everyday problems and to inform about new approaches and tools.

(JavaScript) frameworks and libraries play a central role in web development. Preprocessors, build tools, dockers and other tools from the container environment facilitate implementation and productive operation. But you shouldn't lose sight of the basics of JavaScript and web development, such as the basics of UX design and performance.

Mobile front ends with AMP and progressive web apps are becoming increasingly important. In addition, users increasingly want to be addressed via new channels, such as assistants, bots and VR. Data protection, security and strategic aspects, such as company policies, must also be taken into account during implementation.

The organizers of the c't web dev attach great importance to respectful cooperation and diversity.

The Global Security and Compliance Conference! Join us to talk abou this interessting topics.

OOP 2021
8–12 Feb 2021




The Cisco Live EMEAR 2021 digital event will gather the best and brightest IT heroes to imagine what’s possible.

Join us on February 9-11 for a fully digital experience from the comfort of your home.

Jfokus 2021 will be a one day online conference experience 9th February 2021.

UXLx Masters 2021
10–12 Feb 2021

NIC 2021 will be on February 10. – 12. 2021

Outcome 2021
11–12 Feb 2021

User research. Design systems. Taxonomy and architecture. Customer success. Business goals. Onboarding. Dark patterns. Churn rate.

📧 For inquiries about the event, please reach out to the organizer at [email protected]

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