Past event
8 Apr – 24 Jun 2020

API The Docs - Virtual Series 2020


The API The Docs teams is turning its Portland & Cologne-Bonn editions into a series of virtual events. Each edition will have 2-3 invited speakers, who will focus on a specific angle of API documentation and developer portals. The editions are scheduled until the end of June and they give a great opportunity to learn about the latest best practices and new trends of the field.

SCHEDULE 1st edition: 8 April (5-7pm CEST) – API strategy & developer portals

2nd edition: 22 April (6-8pm CEST) – API docs & DX

3rd edition: 6 May (6-8pm CEST) – API docs & analytics

4th edition: 13 May (6-8pm CEST) – Processes

5th edition: 27 May (6-8pm CEST) – API docs trends & API design

6th edition: 10 June (6-8pm CEST) – Product & Technology

7th edition: 24 June (6-8pm CEST) – New to API documentation?

Videos from the conference:

Designing a Future-proof API Program | Leah R. Tucker | API The Docs Virtual 2020
The UX of DX: User Testing in the Invisible World of APIs | Jenny Wanger | API The Docs Virtual 2020
Minimum Viable Documentation for RESTful APIs | Mike Jang | API The Docs Virtual 2020
The Role of Developer Portals in Digital Transformation | Kristof Van Tomme |APITheDocs Virtual 2020
Write What Counts and Count What Counts | Bob Watson, PhD | API The Docs Virtual 2020
Defining and Documenting Top API Use Cases| Steph Mills | API The Docs Virtual 2020