Past event
14–17 Oct 2019

Artificial Intelligence Conference London 2019


AI is changing fast. To harness its power you need to see where the opportunities will strike—and get there first. Don’t miss the most promising developments, emerging technologies, and profitable use cases at the O’Reilly AI Conference in London.

Videos from the conference (15):

Building and deploying AI applications and systems at scale, Ben Lorica and Roger Chen
The power of knowledge at scale, Alexis Crowell Helzer (Intel)
For AI to thrive, failure is necessary: A practical guide, Ritika Gunnar (IBM)
Unlocking data capital with AI (sponsored by Dell), Arash Ghazanfari (Dell Technologies)
Large-scale machine learning at Facebook, Kim Hazelwood (Facebook), Mohamed Fawzy (Facebook)
Real-time AI for entity resolution, Jeff Jonas (Senzing)